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The Joke #1: Zombie Honeymoon

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The subject of the first edition in The Joke segment is David Gebroe’s 2004 straight-to-dvd release, Zombie Honeymoon. The romantic horror is more than just a (terrible) movie, because it provides a  framework through which the viewer can measure their real life relationships.

The film asks that important, eternal question: Can love shine through zombification? Take a moment to ponder this, while you watch the trailer. Think about your girlfriend, or your boyfriend; husband or wife. If you need to, think about one of your parents. Would you stay with them if they became a zombie? Would you cover for them if you stumbled into a feeding session in the bathroom? If they were picking your mutual friends off, one by one, would your love endure?

These are the questions that the protagonist, Denise (no surname specified) must ask when she witnesses the man that she married a few days prior, Danny (no surname specified), die for minutes, and then arise as a Zombie.

Zombie Honeymoon is by no means consistent with conventional zombie lore. A few differences between Zombie Honeymoon and other zombie movies are notable. For one, in Zombie Honeymoon, a zombie may make a human a zombie by vomiting into their mouth. Also, the process of turning into a zombie may take up to a week, and for most of that time, a zombie is in full use of it’s mental functions.

There’s more! Bad acting, bad writing and horrible dialogue have aligned like the planets to present a rare hub of stupidity. Be sure to check Zombie Honeymoon out.


End Intermission

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